Double neck guitar manufacturers

The Basics About a Double Neck Guitar
By Greg T. Green

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2 centuries is the amount of time that the double neck guitar has been in existence. These guitars have been used in many famous songs for a variety of reasons. Things that cannot normally be done are possible to do with this kind of guitar.

The double necked guitar was first made commercially available by the guitar manufacturer Gibson. 1958 is the year that Gibson released a number of guitars that have become icons of their time and these included the double neck. The guitar not only had two necks but also different numbers of strings on the necks. One neck, usually the top one, will have 12 strings while the bottom one will have 6.

Other than the 12 strings one top and 6 string on the bottom configuration there are a number of others. There are a number of models that only have 6 strings on both necks. It should be noted that while the majority of these guitars are electric it is possible to find acoustic ones. Another configuration of this guitar was introduced in the late 1990’s and it has the top neck being acoustic/electric and the bottom being solely electric.

Double neck bass guitars are a type of guitar that has recently been manufactured. One of the reasons behind this would be that multiple tuning is possible on the double neck. Having a guitar hat is both a bass and a lead is also possible with this type of guitar.

Many musical artists like to use these guitars for a vast amount of reasons. There are many artists that change guitars part way through a song. With this guitar you have two guitars in a single one so you do not have to swap actual guitars. The average musician does not often use these as they are a bit on the expensive side. To add to this many models will need to be ordered from a custom store as their manufacture has been discontinued.

A musical icon that has been around for decades is one way to describe the double neck guitar. The reasons for why artists want to use these guitars are many.


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